Package Tour

– Pocket Friendly- The biggest advantage that package tour offers is that it saves money.Travel agencies buy their package deals in bulk which costs them less. They then offer these deals to consumers at a lower and more competitive rate than individual bookings. These packages usually come with meals, transportation, sight-seeing and other facilities, which reduce a lot of uncertainties about the additional costs during the trip. For instance, if you have pre-booked and paid cabs, you need not worry about any extra cost.

– Saves time- Booking a package tour not only saves money but also time. You don’t have to sit for hours to find flights and hotels and call them individually to enquire and make bookings. The tour operator or the travel agency deals with everything and in your budget.

– Peace of Mind- When you book a package tour, you buy peace of mind. There is no headache to find about places to visit, book a cab and think about where to eat. You only have to pay the money and everything will be arranged for by the tour operator. There is also a lack of responsibility on your part. For instance, if a flight is delayed or you miss a connecting flight, the responsibility lies on the tour operator to alternate flight. In case anything goes wrong with the bookings, you can sit back and relax till things are fixed.

– Quality Services- By booking an all-inclusive package tour you enjoy best facilities throughout the trip. Travel agencies and tour operators spend a lot of time in assessing all the aspects of a package tour to deliver high standard services to its customers. They choose best hotels and cover most frequented areas of a particular place for customers to visit.

People Travel By Train


While some of the other means such as air involve long procedures, waiting lines and numerous check-ins, travelling by train saves you all that. Travelling by train eliminates such check-ins and procedures and though lines may be present, they move very quickly saving you time and the sanity in having to wait long hours.


With the creation of better and more advanced trains, comes a lot of convenience and comfort. The client has enough space to conduct their businesses, for instance browsing the internet, making calls and the seats are spacious and comfortable. Moreover, since there are no instances of traffic, cases of delays are minimal hence the traveler is able to arrive at the destination on time.


When compared to other means of transport such as air, travelling by train offers a lot of freedom and flexibility, thus you do not have to be stuck in the seat for long very hours before you arrive at the destination.

In the case of train, you can move as frequently as wish and do not have to turn off your electronics as in the case of the other means. This freedom is also one of the reasons many people prefer travelling by rail.


Unlike other methods that may face challenges due to weather conditions leading to delays and accidents, trains have been able to continue to operate normally under such harsh weather conditions. Moreover, instances of accidents are rare when it comes to rail travel and hence safety is guaranteed to the clients.

Himalayan Treks in Nepal

 Manaslu Circuit Trek:

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is another extremely remarkable trek flaunting beautiful panoramas of the peaks on the Nepal- Tibet border. The trek goes around the stunning mount manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world, and reaches its highest at Larkya Pass which offers magnificent views of Manaslu. It passes through fabulous mountain panorama, hindhu and Tibetan-style villages, culturally fascinating of ancient Buddhist monasteries and challenging mountain passes. The treks offers a fabulous experience for the one looking to take an adventurous journey to explore the scenic beauty of the Himalayan region. No wonder it is one of the best trek in Nepal to travel.
Some details:-
Days: 15 Days
Trekking Difficulty: Hard
Best Season: March- May and October- November

 Upper Mustang Trek:

Upper Mustang Trek is a culturally sensitive area. The culture and landscape of the region is close to that of Tibet. The region is able to retain its centuries old culture and landscape. Mustang has a striking desert with deep ravines and rock shelves, fringed with snowy peaks. Behind the majestic Himalayan ranges, Mustang is a hidden paradise in Nepal. The 16th century Buddhist monasteries and the caves in mustang draws many trekkers to the region. It is the must trek for the one yearning to explore the wonderful landscape and the rich Tibetan culture.
Some details:-
Days: 14 Days
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate -Hard
Best Season: March- May and October- November

 Gorepani Poon Hill Trekking:

The Gorepani Poon Hill Trekking is one of the easy and short trekking which passes through terraced farmlands, beautiful rhododendron forest and hospitable Gurung Villages. The surroundings of the Gurung people are really polite and kind. It is beautiful trek during the spring season when the rhododendron forest is in bloom with the panorama of the high mountains. The main highlight of the trek is the spectacular sunrise view over the panorama of Annapurna range. It is one of the best trek in Nepal to explore the beauty and hospitality of Annapurna region in a short period of time.
Some details:-
Days: 5 Days
Trekking Difficulty: Easy- Moderate
Best Season: March- May and October- November

 Langtang Valley Trek:

This Langtang Valley Trek is famous for its vegetation and cultured villages. It offers a great point of Langtang Ri and panoramic views of the Annapurnas and Makalu. The region is as wild as any other Tibetan highlands with rural landscape. The trek also offers to the unique culture of Tamang community and the opportunity to see the beautiful glaciers at relatively low altitude. It is an ideal choice for the one looking to explore the rich tamang culture, beautiful landscape and vegetation of the Langtang region.
Some details:-
Days: 10 Days
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March- May and October- November

Acquire Cheap Train Tickets

  • Book in advance

Since tickets generally go on sale around 12 weeks before the date of the travel, booking your tickets in advance will definitely guarantee you great deals. Moreover, if you travel on a specific route occasionally, you can subscribe to the train’s website to get occasional email notifications when the tickets go on sale, as they will be cheaper at that period as compared to later on.

  • Split your journey

Splitting your tickets is one of the most effective methods to save on your train fares, although many of the travelers are not aware of the magic of the trick. By getting separate tickets for your travel, you may end up saving more money, since getting a 2-way ticket is more expensive when compared to splitting your journey.

  • Travel in a group

Though not all, most train companies offer discounts if you are travelling in a group. Depending on the policy of the company, ‘Groupsaves’ may allow three children to travel for the price of two, or three adults to travel for the cost of two adult. This is a convenient and effortless way to save on the cost, which you would incur in case you all travelled separately. however, make sure that you book early to avoid being stranded.

  • Get a rail card

If you occasionally travel by train, it would be a wise idea to get a rail card from your desired train company. Many rail companies view this as customer loyalty and hence they offer discounts to clients who have rail cards.