Mitchell Falls Tours

Cockburn Range

The sandstone escarpments of the Cockburn Range rise 600m high and cut an impressive figure against the surrounding plains. Located between the Gibb River Road and the town of Wyndham, the ranges are best seen at sunset when the western face illuminates with a red glow.

King George Falls

Dual drop waterfall King George Falls is a sight to behold at any time of year but most commonly reach full force between late December and early May. This spectacular location is best viewed from the air where you can wave to the tourist boats below. Seen by millions after featuring in BazLuhrmann’s 2008 film Australia, the true height of the waterfall is estimated to be between a staggering 80 to 100m tall.

Berkeley River

This 135km river flows in a northeasterly direction from the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf to the Timor Sea, through the Drysdale River National Park. Explorer Charles Price Conigrave named the Berkeley in 1911, after his brother Berkeley Fairfax Conigrave. The luxurious Berkeley River Lodge is only accessible by air

Mitchell Falls

Largely considered the main attraction of visiting the Mitchell Plateau, the spectacular Mitchell Falls features four tiers of waterfall, which is best viewed from the air. Its deep blue pools provide some of the best photo opportunities the Kimberley has to offer. Located within the Mitchell River National Park, the Mitchell Falls site borders the Timor Sea to the North and Prince Regent National Park to the South.

Wyndham mud flats

Thesweeping tidal flats at Wyndham stretch for kilometers along the Cambridge Gulf and are home to thousands of salt-water crocodiles. The coastline is made up mangroves and dark mud.